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K-6 Cross Country carnival 2023

2023 Cross Country Carnival

Venue: Albury Sports Ground (Albury Tigers Football Oval)

Date: Monday 3 April, 2023

Cost: Nil

Travel: All students, K-6, will walk to the Albury Sports Ground, with their school bags, from school with their class teacher at 9:15am. They will return before the 2:55pm early bus bell in the afternoon, after all races have been completed.

Clothing: Students will need to have suitable clothing to compete in and must wear running shoes. Hats and drink bottles with water must also be brought by students. Sunblock and warm clothing may be required on the day. Students are encouraged to dress in their house colours.

Food: It is recommended that children bring a healthy snack and lunch to eat at the venue. There will not be a canteen at the event. Students will have time to eat throughout the day, while watching the events.

As students should have already returned a local area walking permission slip no extra permission is required for this excursion. All students are expected to attend this event.

Distance: Students will be running according to their age group (with the races in the following order)

11 Year Old Girls and Boys – approx. 3,000m (Six laps)

5/6 Year Old Girls and Boys – approx. 500m

8/9 Year Old Girls and Boys – approx. 2,000m (Four laps)

7 Year Old Girls and Boys – approx. 1,000m (Two laps)

12/13 Year Old Girls and Boys – approx. 3,000m (Six laps)

10 Year Old Girls and Boys – approx. 2,000m (Four laps)

Zone Qualifiers

Only students who are turning 8yrs and above this year are able to qualify for the Zone Cross Country.

Spectator Attendance

Spectators are welcomed to the event and can enter through the Hume Street gates. Spectators are welcome to bring their own seating and sit on the grassy hill at the southern end (river end) of the ground, otherwise seating is available in the grandstand closest to the Hume Street gates. This seating is for adults only. No students are permitted to sit in the grandstand. Students must sit in their sporting year groups. Parents are not allowed onto the main oval.

Spectators are asked to not arrive at the ground before 9:45am. We kindly ask spectators not to enter or sit near the Albury Tigers Club Rooms. Once again, we are very grateful to Albury Tiger’s support in allowing us to use the football oval for our cross country carnival this year.

If you have any further questions about the cross-country carnival, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.