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Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) was developed and implemented in 2019 as a comprehensive school system for promoting positive behaviour at school.

It explicitly teaches our students what behaviours are expected at school and ensures that all school systems and staff actions support them to meet those expectations.

Our school community values are:

Respect, Responsibility and Resilience

Targeted behaviours are focused on over a period of three weeks with teachers providing explicit guidance and practise to ensure the students fully understand what the expected behaviour looks like.

Target Behaviours


  • Care for self and others
  • Look after property and our environment
  • Be attentive to the person speaking
  • Speak politely
  • Keep hands and feet to self 


  • Follow safety rules
  • Follow instructions
  • Give your best effort
  • Right place, right time


  • Ask for and accept help when needed
  •  Join in and have a go
  • Use mistakes to learn
  • Take a breath, try another way